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The majority of horse racing advertising, with good reason, speaks to a younger demographic.

At Keystone Films, we reach that most-desired audience. However, we also seek to engage a more broad cross-section of consumers, with what we believe is highly-nuanced messaging.

Racehorse Health & Safety

Studies continue to show that animal welfare is a social cause that resonates deeply with most Americans. So we promote - proactively and consistently - the incredible care racehorses receive. We were indeed fortunate that the prominent equine surgeon, Dr. Patricia Hogan, agreed to deliver this message.

Correcting the Record

Keystone Films walked into what was, frankly, a challenging situation in Pennsylvania. Horse racing and breeding were under consistent attack from political figures as well as the media.

We reminded our clients (the stakeholders) not to give up control of the narrative and to allow us to simply, accurately tell their story: Pennsylvania racing and breeding is a significant job creator, generating vital economic impact in every corner of the state. At the same time, we continued to promote a visit to the racetrack as a unique, fun time with your family and friends. And we continued to raise awareness of all that's done to ensure the safety and integrity of racing, as well as the robust aftercare program, New Start, of the Pennsylvania HBPA.

Fishing Where the Fish Are

Our approach with Pennsylvania’s breeding industry, both thoroughbred and standardbred, is markedly different that what we do with the racing side. It’s also proven to be wildly successful.

The Pennsylvania standardbred breeding industry is, far and away, the best and biggest in North America. We simply continue to underscore that fact to the harness racing and breeding community.

The thoroughbred breeding industry in PA also has a great story to tell. We carefully developed a media strategy to tell that story directly to the rest of the thoroughbred world. We’ve also been sure to highlight the extraordinary success of the PA-Bred Program, which is in sharp contrast to the national trend.

Advertising Examples

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